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Doodling is a fantastic technique to alleviate mental stress and relax. Doodling is often incorporated into art therapy, allowing its users to slow down, focus and de-stress. We will be learning how to doodle concrete and abstract shapes and drawings.


Unlock Creativity: We will be learning to trust our creative intentions and translate our imagination onto paper. The use of different materials and techniques will inspire students to think out of the box and experience how it all weaves in together to make their own unique masterpiece.

Workshop can be customized to meet the client's needs.

Enjoyed by children and adults. 

        to organize an art workshop.

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AIL is a teaching-learning model which is based on learning 'through the arts' and 'with the arts': it is a process where art becomes the medium of teaching-learning, a key to understanding concepts within any subject of the curriculum.

The process:

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Benefits to Art Integration:

  • Students become active participants in their learning

  • Students engage in critical thinking and construct personal meaning through their learning

  • Creates an equitable learning environment for all learners

  • Makes learning more fun and interesting

Workshop can be customized to meet the school curriculum needs.

          to organize an Art Integrated workshop.

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